Sell-in and capacity plan, store concept and visual merchandising installation and training. 

Sport Lauwers

Lauwe, Belgium

Map Depot

Photos by Jolien Fagard

Sport Lauwers is a strong sport retailer who stands for professional advice, service and qualitative products. With 50 years of experience carried over to the third generation. They decided to buy the 2 adjacent properties and turned the small shop into an impressive 800m2 sports store. From a small, full stuffed shop to a high-end sport store where products are shown in its best light and an energetic shopping experience is waiting for you. 

We were asked to be the link between the retailer and the architect. By starting a dialogue with the retailer about sell-in, sales, product, consumer and DNA, we were able to create a plan of action for the architect to develop the store concept.

Sport Lauwers would become double its size with the new store and wanted to grow in certain sport categories. In order to create the perfect lay-out for the store, we developed a capacity plan per category to ensure the right amount of products per m2. Taking many factors in account like growth, stock rotation, % of footwear/accessories/apparel, etc. The lay-out needed to be flexible as well to cover all seasons; in summer the focus is on swim and in winter on ski, for example. We developed the walls and free standing fixtures, podia, POS materials and selected the mannequins.

Our goal is to achieve the optimal shopping experience so we created seasonal campaign islands, a strong entrance area, and signing to guide the customer through the store. Sport Lauwers is located in a residential area where people drive by, not a shopping street, so for the windows we placed large lit sport visuals instead of mannequins. When driving by, you immediately get the look&feel of a sport store.

For opening we trained the store staff on visual merchandising guidelines and supported the set-up for the grand opening.