Our company is specialized in creating the optimal retail experience with a LLEO6 twist.
A twist that expresses itself through benchmark storytelling and ultimate brand experience.
A twist that occurs when putting an artist and an analitycal retail expert together.
A twist where you think there should be a twist.

How we approach store concepts
LLEO6 provides insight into the commercial and efficient layout of a store. By starting a dialogue with the retailer about sell-in, sales, product, consumer and DNA, we are able to create a plan of action for the architect to develop the store concept. We are the link between retailer and architect. Our goal is to achieve together the optimal shopping experience through a healthy cross-fertilisation between creativity and analytical insight, each with its expertise.

• Development & design of store concepts (in association with architect agencies)
• Capacity and sell-in plans
• Visual merchandising guidelines
• Visual merchandising training
• Development & design of window concepts
• Brand and in-store communication, product displays and campaigns.


We both studied at Art Academies in Breda and Antwerp, Frank studied art and Leonie fashion. A match made in heaven for our company LLEO6 which we started in 2014. Since then we have done several projects for Nike, Samsung, Kipling, Value Retail, Hudson’s Bay, Casall, Take-off and JoggingPlus.
Leonie has a background of 20 yrs in retail specializing in visual merchandising. She has worked on an international level for companies like H&M, Nike and Essentiel. Frank has, besides being a successful artist (painter), a background in the world of design. He has worked for Jacco Maris lighting for the past 8 years and has done several interior design projects.

Photo’s by Nick Cusseneers