Store concept, wall decoration techniques, visual merchandising installation and training.

Sienna & Faye

Antwerp, Belgium

The owners of the Sienna stores had already a clear idea how they wanted their 3rd en 4th store but needed sparring partners with a feeling for design and knowledge in retail.

The multibrand collection stands for feminine, romantic and urban. We worked with them on materials, lay-out and fixtures.

The property where the store is located had some beautiful elements which were kept to reflect the romantic look. The floor was a mix of different tiles and wood so we decided to keep it that way to emphasize the urban look.

The store has 2 floors with an open area in the back and a wall which leads all the way to the ceiling. We set this 9 meter tall wall in plated gold, a creation we designed ourselves. It gives a feminine and a ‘million dollar’ feeling to the store. Very high class but in combination with the somehow rough details of the building, it creates a warm and welcoming boutique.

For opening, we did the visual merchandising which emphasized the concept and created an attractive store to have an amazing shopping experience.