Develop brand merchandising guidelines for Casall in retail

Casall Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

The objective of this project was to create consistency across Casalls 3D Branded Spaces and present a more consistent, coherent and continuous premium brand experience across all retail and event/experience touchpoints. There is a need to evolve the brand towards a more progressive premium positioning.

We started this project by organizing a workshop were the managers from sales, marketing, product development and retail sat together to discuss the topics needed to create a plan. Alongside we started working in Casall’s pilot store in Stockholm to optimize the brand experience.

This was the opportunity for Casall to further refine and dramatise their visual brand identity through scalable merchandising guidelines designed to attract, engage and convert consumers.

We devolped visual merchandising guidelines for different size/scale activations to create efficiency, consistency and quality in the dramatization of the brand in retail, events, and branded spaces. These were first presented at the salesmeeting and well received.

Opportunities as the bra bar, clear communication around this, were the next guidelines we started to develop.

For retail stores and shop-in-shops we developed a new store concept coherent to the dramatised visual brand identity they were aiming for.