Store concept for Pop-Up store. 



Antwerp, Belgium


go as u.r is thé one-stop vegan conscious concept in beauty & fashion designed for an urban lifestyle on the go. The  products are sold in various stores in Europe and online. This location in her hometown Antwerp was the perfect opportunity for a PopUp shop of her own. A way to interact face-to-face with customers and organize beauty workshops.

The goal was to create a shop concept which breathes the brand, showed the products in its best light and told the non-conformist on-the-go explorers story of go as u.r. We created a black&white minimalistic concept which turned out to be a perfect match with the colorfull packinging of the products and the strong visual branding. The products stood out and the story behind this vegan skincare brand, was told via signing on the wall and in seperate cardboard signs.

Besides having a strong concept, we succeeded in making an easy to apply and remove concept, low cost, to meet the PopUp concept.  

Designed & created in Antwerp and made in Europe, go as u.r represents no-nonsense urban minimalism – vegan skincare composed with a power concentration of effective natural ingredients, high-statement make-up blending plant-based waxes, oils & vitamins and effortless, timeless fashion built from sustainable and innovative fibres.