Seasonal visual merchandising guidelines for JD & Footlocker.
Visual merchandising principles for EMEA Converse showrooms.


Nike/Converse HQ, Hilversum, the Netherlands




We worked with Converse on different projects. 

We started with the showroom at EHQ to rethink the product presentation. We did several set-ups and to ensure all showrooms in Europe tell the same seasonal story, we developed visual merchandising (VM) guidelines for the showrooms. While doing this, we noticed that standard principles, like lacing a shoe, where to place a chuck high and low, color flow and so on, were missing, so we took a step back and first created VM principles. Simple guidelines but just as important to ensure product is shown in its best way. These guidelines were shared with showroom responsibles in Europe. 

When we started working on the second project; develeping seasonal VM guidelines for JD & Footlocker, we included the VM principles to ensure the presentation of Converse product at these retailers is consistent as well.

For the seasonal guidelines, we copied the footwear walls of JD and Footlocker in sketchup to make the guidelines easy applicable for staff members in store.

Key campaign products are presented at eye level so it’s important to know the retailers fixturing system. The deck also includes different door levels (S, M, L).

The guidelines are shared with the VM manager of JD and Footlocker and they will share it with the stores to ensure Converse footwear is presented according to the brands DNA.